Real-life Gamification

"Gamification beats motivation" Dariusz Tarczyński

Gamification articles

Once in a while I feel the need to write. Share things that I have learned or researched by myself. I hope these make a good read, and will help you dive into the world of the real-life gamification.

Quick Tips →

Research packaged in small easy to consume chunks

Personal Gamification →

Make growth fun.

Company Culture →

Gamify to let employees to help your company move forward.

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Download "Real-life Gamification".

Gamification services

Behavioral psychology is the foundation of gamification and other engagement tools. It takes years of experience and study to get a hunch of what strategies might work and where. Below is a list of services you can request from me, if you are looking for a professional help.

Workplace Gamification →

Improve workplace culture and staff motivation with 60-day gamification pilot

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Reach out to get my advice on your gamification project

Engagement Strategy →

Ask me to help you built a complete user engagement & loyalty strategy.

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Gamification tools

Tools that can help you get started with gamification quickly.

Personal gamification sheet

This simple excel spreadhseet cover the most basic elements of personal life gamification.

Ogamify - workplace gamification

Easy to use platform to gamify anything in business environment.

Daily Gamification App

(New!) Check your goals progression in this simple ios mobile app!