Can you teach leadership?

Current state of things

Many companies are going through the same process: a highly perfmorning employee gets promoted and now has his own team to lead.

It is hard to ensure that this person will actually be a good leader, company would obviously invest in training and his skills development, plus maybe certificates, but nothing is guaranteed.

In case of failure, company is facing a difficult choice, where it risks losing a great employee, or losing future employees who would not accept his style of management.

To avoid the issue, companies secure themselves with many "processes", some of them more difficult to live with than others. Papers, standards, SOP's, everything to limit the risk of wrong behavior.

Can we use gamification to ensure good leadership across the company?

Yes, we can, and we would do it step by step, here is how:

- transparency and public access to tasks and challenges - if a personal or commercial success can meet immediate 'payout' in form of company-wide recognition, an employee who might be under a dreadful manager, has a way to show his bright to a company, without relying on a good word from his direct boss.

- group challenges and events - if there is an external group, say gathering dog food for shelters, that you can join, and use that connection to validate your opinions and actions, you will feel much more secure in a job place, contrary to person who would be isolated, with his direct manager being the only "window to the external world'.

- leaderboards - Even small tasks count, and everyone can shine from time when trying really hard - this is what leaderboards are for. Monthly leaderboard, gives also space for company-wide celebration, recognition and shows that if you are really competitive, you have place in this company too.

- rewards - An employee who is doing great job by growing his skills and supporting his company, might not get recognition from his direct manager, but if he can 'earn' his own 'coins' through gamifeid system and request a new chair for them, instead of going through stressful "purchase request" process, it may really help him stay motivated. And company would have to buy that new chair anyway.

What are tools that could be used to gamify office space?

Gamification is simple, doesn't require any complex systems, but if it is facing multiple users, the user interface should be well thought and simple.

You can create your own gamification backend in one of the rapid development LowCode frameworks like Directus or

You can also create an "off the shelf" api solution and build frontend on top of it, like with Game Layer.

You can also decide to use fully integrated solution like OGAMIFY that would provide both frontend and backend, ready to launch within your company.

Every solution has its upsides and downsides, and should be tailored for the specific needs of a company.

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