Dariusz Tarczyński Gamification Consultant

About Dariusz Tarczyński

From software engineering, towards own company and multiple startups, Dariusz has spent over 15 years within the IT industry and technical product delivery.

Understaing human behavior, social psychology and psychiatry was his hobby for many years, until 2019, when he decided to implement a simple gamification for the first time in his office.

Effects of a simple game-like mechanics on his coworkers was astonishing, and since then he tested various implementations of different gamification concepts both in business world and personal development.

After studying current gamification fameworks, Dariusz noticed that the current state of the knowledge is still too immature for efficient business consulting, and started creating the Emotion Shift framework.

Emotion Shift is a framework that focues not on the techniques used, or functionalities, but on transforming specific user states.

You can learn about how Emotion Shift compares to Octalysis here.

Also learn more about his gamification consulting services.

Dariusz uses his experience in IT and passion for understanding of human brain to create and teach new concepts in gamification design.

All this to make our experience with products more joyful, engaging, motivating.

Turn users into players!